To do or not to do – Public Relations Major

Dec 13 2011

You have always known what is new and “in”. You feel naturally drawn to advising your friends and coworkers on their social standing. From the sound of it, you feel as though a Public Relations Major is the correct choice for you.

What is a Public Relations Major?

Behind every celebrity or political figure stands a trusted Public Relations Expert. Public relations are the images portrayed by the client for key demographics. A Public Relations Specialist can be hired to promote an identity, product, or even location such as a city or restaurant.

Public Relations Specialists don’t only advise clients on how to handle their publicity but also their image. A good Public Relations Specialist will carefully blend together both outfit and style to fit any important occasion. This includes, but not limited to, celebrities, political figures, and business professionals.

Public Relations Major

Public Relations Major

Success factors for a Public Relations Major:

A successful Public Relations Expert must have many qualities. These include diligence when given any task, creativity and originality, and must also be experienced in public speaking and writing. A Public Relations Expert’s job can include writing speeches to contacting local media.

Public relations are not only for celebrities. Many people hire Public Relations Experts to boost their image when working in the government, private businesses, or even non-profit organizations. Having good public relations is a great resource for many walks of life. A Public Relations Specialist must be able to adapt to many different environments and have affluent amount of knowledge about good image.


Public Relations requires more than fashion and common sense. A Public Relations Specialist must be proficient in language, political science, business, arts, psychology, and more. A Public Relations Specialist is expected to be familiar with many different environments and scenarios. A Public Relations Specialist is also expected to practice business and traditional ethics in their field.

Many Public Relations Specialists are required to participate in an internship. This is actually a great tool for students to receive hands on experience in their careers. Generally, and intern will focus on certain concentrations that reflect their training and education. This does not, however, limit the student to a specific type of Public Relations.

Students studying Public Relations will be taught about a variety of media control such as newsletters, videography, radio broadcast and more. Students will learn how to organize and publish information to best be received by the key public. Through their work a student will develop excellent problem solving skills and planning.

Career Options:

Public Relations Careers

Public Relations Careers

Public Relations Specialists generally do not follow any stereotypes. Public Relations Specialists don’t spend time roaming parties in search of new clients. They are professionals who usually work long hours.

Public Relations Specialist will use their resources gathered during their education every day on the job. A Public Relations Specialist can work independently above a variety of clients, or he/she can work as a member of a Public Relations Firm. Either way, a specialist must be ready to handle multiple clients of different fields on a moment’s notice.

A Public Relations Specialist for a celebrity will have to have concentration on media attention and knowledge on clothing and hair fashion. Essentially, a Public Relations Specialist could be in total charge of a person’s entire image.

When working with a company or an individual business professional, Public Relations Specialists must have knowledge on business practice and ethics, writing, and psychology. While visual image is still important to a degree in a business field, the general vibe received by the company’s motives and actions is also important. A specialist will work towards creating a clean and acceptable look for all actions performed by a business.

In any field of Public Relations, a specialist must also be able to “flip” a situation. To “flip” a situation is to take what could be perceived as a negative action or situation and make it appear positive. The entire idea behind what a Public Relations Specialist does is to improve the image of the clients.

Is this right for you?

To be successful in a Public Relations Major you must have many skills and foremost would be communication. The entire career is based on your ability to work and guide people.

To get your foot in the door requires a lot of hard work and study, and it is also a very competitive field. Public Relations are, however, very necessary resources in today’s world and are used quite often. Almost every figure or person you see in the news has a Public Relations Specialist working for them.

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